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Illustrations from My Bible

I know what you are thinking drawing in your Bible But a used Bible is better than a Bible untouched

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

Depend on God

Have Faith

Join me in the fun of Bible Journaling
I am excited about this new adventure.
I have rough sketches and the supplies I plan to use.
You are welcome to join me.
I plan to share ideas and even all the mistakes I make.
This is a great way to learn and have a daily devotion to God.
I am developing a Blog to exchange and share ideas.

These are the Bibles I am using to journal

I like this Bible because there
are foot notes to meditate on.
However the pages are very thin so
I am using washi tape to add
pages from my sketch book
I like creating in my sketch Book first,
if I make mistakes I just start over.

This is a KJV Bible my parents had given me40 years ago.
The pages are as heavy as in my sketch book
and large pages with blank areas for drawing.
I consider this a heirloom.
So I don't want to make mistakes.

There are numerous Bibles printed just for Bible Journaling.However, to start out you could just purchase an Art Journal.

Shown are illustrations from my Journals

Make My Heart Like
Your Heart Jesus

In the Beginning

The Samaritans Well